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Alexander aka dj astralex is 30 years old born in austria (salzburg) and has been infected due to familly interest in electronic music culture at a early age.
He started mixing 8 years ago, quickly adapting to the needs of the crowd, playing all sorts of electronic styles from house & techno to progressive and psy trance.
Only one short year later the scene in salzburg wasn’t a big enough platform anymore. In 2001 Alex made the big move to London.

He started working in his Uncles shop AccessAllAreas where he quickly met a lot of people and started Networking for the cause of the Global Psychedelic Trance Comunity.
Influenced by a lot of Artist and DJ’s like Dick Trevor, Dimitri, Tristan, Shane Gobi, Kristian, and many more.

He Quickly became one of the favourites on the underground scene – thanks to an excellent and innovative selection and impeccable mixing techniques – he didn’t stop there. After meeting Kat and Doron, a new concept was born – Symbiosis. Six major events followed, most of them with a following of over 1500 people.
Today Alex is founder and manager of twenty4seven media, back in salzburg there has been more time to focus ont he development of the label and his musical projects. He has compiled and released 2 V/A compilations on 24/7 records, „24/7? which was the labels first release, and the lates release of the label “ La Familia „.

Astralex Style is very individual due to his defiend ability to read the Crowds mood. straight & Groovy Psy to deep night time Psychedelic.
his new pojects are one dj aka called „alex_anders“ for his techno minimal mixing styles, and L.I.F. (lost in formation) his new founded LIVE psytrance project with steven (estie) from twomorrow media.

He has played With Artist Like Chriss liebing, Dave clark, astrix, Infected Mushroom, Son kite, Skazi, CPU, Absolum, Wrecked Machines, Tristan, Cosmosis, Eskimo, just to mention a few….

Played for promoters like: Full moon (germany), Urban artforms (Austria), soundforce, (austria), Antiworld (london), Symbiosis (london), Chichime (london), Fairytales (London), Darklines, Synthesia, Otherland, Acidmonkey (london), Roots (london), Kamoflage (london), Inertia (london), Spirit Base, Drops Reflection, Ultrasound (Israel), and many many more……..